Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mountain brook in mountain meadow


cieldequimper said...

I wish I could ride. I'd never come back.

Small City Scenes said...

Another jaw dropper.
I see the highway too.
Very nice. MB

joo said...

I love the combination og gold green and blue in this photo!
By the way, the colours of Christmas decorations change every year here. For unknown (for me) reason this year is mostly blue and silver, however I love the most traditional red, gold and green:)
Have a nice day!

Francisca said...

Ciel is right, this would be a lovely place for horseback riding... but that's already been ticked off my bucket list, and the last time I bruised my tailbone, so now I'm saddle shy.

Anonymous said...

I want a house right there where you're standing so I can wake up every morning to that view!!! =)