Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Colorado in Color on hiatus

This blog is on hiatus ... our thanks to all who have visited and commented on our photographs.


joo said...

Hope it's only a break, Jacob! You know how much I love Colorado:)

petrolin50 said...

If it's just a break to rest, so I take it and it's good. Your photos would be missing me. Perhaps it will not be long. Have a good friend! Hello! / Peter

Choppography said...

It's a shame I just found you tonight (Oct 5th). Your blog is filled with wonderful images.

I spent 2 weeks around CO in 1988. We rafted Brown's Canyon (can't remember if that was the Arkansas River). One of the "rapids" was named Salida's Hole. It swamped us. I'll never forget the name Salida for that reason alone.

Hope to see more from you in CO.


Giulia said...

Sorry, dear Jacob...You go away just when I come back... Hope you well !